Freaking Winter

27 Dec

I hate it when the weather messes with my plans. Here in Colorado it is snowing with reckless regard. The family was going to go out and take care of some things, one of which was a trip to the blessed Rio Grande. Now we are stuck at home hanging out. I might think it would be good having a down day, but actually I much more enjoy the days I am busy. I think it by staying busy I feel like I am doing something productive. It may seem weird, but considering the last year when it feels like I have haven’t accomplished a thing. Just by accomplishing something is a start. I know what you are thinking. I have accomplished so much this year. Some extent you are right, but keep in mind I am now only getting to back to where I was a year ago. This past year was about rebuilding. Rebuilding is no fun. Moving forward and accomplishing new task and goals are fun. By moving forward and accomplishing new tasks and goal in efforts to move forward feel good, and thats is a big reason I am much happier now. I am moving past related to where I was year ago, and I am only going to keep on trucking this year.

There was some discussion last night about me getting my nipples pierced for fun. It then quickly moving to getting my ears pierced. I was on board, however due to weather conditions it did not happen. Maybe it was not meant to happen and I shouldn’t get said piercing. I am not sure. I am actually back and forth about it. I still may do it. I guess we’ll see. If I end up getting a piercing or two I will be sure to get you pictures.

Other than that, the Holiday Season is quickly coming to a close. I am ready for the season to end. It was good. I have a lot of photos to upload to share. I hope to get to them by the end of the weekend. I have a lot of good ones.

Have a great weekend.

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