You Will Never Fully Understand

23 Oct

As I mentioned previously, Erika and I still talk. We have actually have remained in contact relative consistantly ever since the day she left for California. She has listened to me. She has been there for me. She has been a friend, and a good friend at that. truth be told. She is the one person that I can talk to and just talk. I don’t need to give her an update on how I am doing. What’s going on. I would say, at this point, the only other person I talk to and just talk about nothing is my best friend Justin Augustaitus. I appreciate the both of them very much.

I am bringing this up, because we spoke tonight about what has happened to us and how we handled things. We were two people deeply in love. We tried the best we possible we could make things work. Some may have questions or opinions of how we handle our new situation. The bottom line is there is not one person can fully understand what we went through. Many around us know what we were going through. However, They will never fully know and undersand. Erika and I were both confused and scared. We really tried very hard. We really did. The reality is that we needed to pursue our own goals in life.

Truth be told, I have not written all my thoughts since my accident. There are many things that she and only she knows. Having that person that I have upmost confidence is what I need. We will always love each other. She will always be in my life, and I will always be in hers. That really is more important that anything. Having someone in your life that loves you. Actually, The more people in your life that love you the better. Regardless of the what life gives you, you need to hang on to those that you love and love you back.

So, whatever you think. Remember. No one can ever truly fully understand what we had and have. What we have is good.

I guess that is it. Have a good day.

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