One Of Many More False Peaks

19 Sep

I’ve spoken before about a “false peak”. I spoke about the fact that I had reached a peak on the trail on the way to the summit. Over the last couple of days I have reached another false peak. I really have been feeling good the past couple of days. Yesterday, I had my first pratice with basketball. It was the girls team. I have one player that is an athlete. I have one that has no clue on whats going on. I really enjoyed watching the “athlete” play. I enjoyed teaching the one that had no idea what was going on. Overall, this coaching is going to be really good for me. I am excited about coaching. The odd thing, if I had never ended up in a chair I would have never known. go figure, I realized that when life changes that new opportunites arise. And..that was my biggest problem after my accident. I only looked at what I lost. too bad it took me so long to learn that.

I did go to the local YMCA today and lifted weights with someone. He works there and he helped me. I have talked to him a number of times since going there when I would get in the pool. He really is good guy.

Everyone out there…things are good here. I’m learning to be happy again.


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3 responses to “One Of Many More False Peaks

  1. mb

    September 20, 2007 at 8:23 am

    Hey, Joel…
    Happiness comes in many forms, you just need to be ioen enough to recognize it. We miss you and it is good to hear news about you, we think of you daily! I can’t quite see you being a Texan, but as long as it feels right…go for it!
    MB 🙂

  2. matt

    September 20, 2007 at 12:01 pm

    Being happy is pretty cool, so many people aren’t and its truly something to be envied. Maybe someday you’ll be able to lift as much as I can, it will take years and years of dedication to replicate these guns but I wish you luck!
    Glad coaching is going well, I bet it feels pretty amazing. I was amazed how into it I was when Amy coached little kids, I was almost more competitive then the parents and I was not even coaching! Each game was an emotional roller coaster, but it was well worth it! I will pray for a 500 season for you buddy.
    Keep on Keepin’ on.


  3. John and Juli Begley

    September 22, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    Hi Joel,
    I want to tell you about a girl I met in the hospital. Her name is “K”. (HIPPA Laws)…… and she was in a car accident. I gave her family your website just for inspiration. You are the center of all my success stories and I wanted to supply hope to “K” who is going through a recovery period herself. Hopefully she will write and let you know who she is and tell you something about herself. “K” can be an inspiration herself just as you have been. Hope all is well in Athens..


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