Never Say Never?

16 Sep

Without saying… I have learned a lot about life over the past nine months. Something that has come up recently has come up a few times, and I think I should share. The “never, say never” concept. How many times in our lives have we said that we would never do that or this. Before we know it that which we said we would never do…well we did it. I once said that I would never live in Phoenix, I did. I said once that I would never be back in Tyler, Texas… I drove through this weekend. Well, there are probalby many more. Lately, I am trying to teach myself to avoid saying never. For whatever reason, life will make you eat your words. It is never very much fun to eat your words. Take my word for it…be carefull of what you say. You just may have to eat them.

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One response to “Never Say Never?

  1. matt

    September 18, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    I like the title and I immediately applied it to my current situation. After Sunday’s painful loss, I was saying the Raiders are NEVER going to win a Broncos showdown. But my renewed faith has me hopeful for the next match- up in Oakland and just thinking of a possible win has given me hope!! On a serious note, your right, I have eaten my words many times and it never tastes good. With that history is the only tool you can use to predict the future, so most likely the ‘never’ could very well happen again.
    Hope this week treats you well and you have many successes with the training.
    Life’s a garden, dig it.



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