Searching For Answers

06 Jul

I have found that I spent a lot of time, wasted at that, searching for anwsers I can’t answer nor anyone else can answer. I want to know to know the what if’s, the if only’s. I wish I wouldn’t, but I do. For some reason if I knew the answers it will make this all better. The hard reallity is; it won’t. It just may make things more difficultt. It has been hard realizing that what could have been is not what is. I have to deal with what is right in front of me. I wish I hadn’t had to deal with what I am dealing with, but I have too. I don’t have a choice. On second thought. I do have a choice. I guess that is why I am going to Texas.

Tonight a friend are going to a local establishment to hangout before I leave. It will be good to be out and live life. Enjoy the friends I have.

I will also admit I can’t wait to move to Texas. I feel like a small child waiting for Christmas. It can’t come fast enough. I guess I just have to work hard to get done what I need to and focus on my future…walking.

Have a good weekend.

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Posted by on July 6, 2007 in Previous Posts


One response to “Searching For Answers

  1. Brandon and Erin Tancredi

    July 6, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    We haven’t written in a while, but have been following what you have been going through on the blog. We wish you all that you are looking for in Texas and along this new journey!! Keep on keepin’ on and know you have sooo many people sending you positive vibes!!!
    E and B


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