25 Mar

Since my return to society I have notice my reality, or perception, of the society around me has changed. I used to be this tall, large individual that people didn’t even notice me or didn’t care to notice me. That is not the case now. I am person that people notice and are friendly too. They open doors for me. They give me a smile and say hello. I am in society now and I am treated so much better. My guess is that people look at me and think that I need help. They may have a sense to feel sorry for me. Even sometimes they look at me and think that they are grateful they are not in my situation. I don’t think I will totally understand my new reality in society, but I do know I am not viewed the as the same person from before. I went from the tallest man in the room to the shortest.

So, yesterday Big Pun and Double-A-Ron came from Flagstaff to get me to a wedding there. I had a lot of help from them which made this first adventure easy. They were very helpful which made my life easier. Hanging out and doing some of the things that I did before was a great spirit booster.

When I got to Flagstaff I had lunch with an old friend that I hadn’t seen since my time in the Flagstaff Hospital. It was nice to see her and hear that everything was going well. I had the sense that she enjoyed seeing me up and living again. Those around me that hadn’t seen me in some time take comfort in the fact that everything seems to be going ok, of coarse they understand that I do have my down times.

The wedding was good. The back drop for the wedding was the beautiful San Francisco Peaks, but due to inclement weather the clouds covered the peaks. It was still a nice ceremony. I did have to roll for about 60 feet in dirt to where the ceremony was. I did find it easier that I expected. Once the ceremony was completed the wedding had all the usual traditions. The bestman and bridesmaid speeches. Every wedding I have been to the bestman has some topics in his mind and flies by the seat of his pants. The bridesmaid has five pages of stuff and can barely get through it because she is crying the entire time. The ceremonial first dances. Throwing of the bouquet. After which everyone headed off to the bars for a couple more belts. I was out for a while but my back really started to hurt and I got a ride home.

This morning I got a ride back to Phoenix and I am home safe and sound. After my trip I had a realization. Back in the day I used the cliché; Same S@#t, different day. My new cliché is now New S@#t, different day. Because there are so many things that are so different from before and everyday I have to figure something new out.

Have a great week everyone.


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4 responses to “Society

  1. mb

    March 26, 2007 at 12:40 am

    Your perceptions amaze me, the part about wedding toasts is so candid, and I can see you telling your version! Glad to hear you had a good weekend. Society may treat you a bit different than before, but you should realize that before your accident, you probally treated folks in special situations with the same amount of respect and kindness as you are now experiencing being on the receiving end. Life is a circle in many ways, and I appreciate your including all of us in your circle, and being part of your society.

  2. Matt

    March 26, 2007 at 8:12 am

    Glad to hear it was a good time!! I am a bit nervous, i have not really been to many weddings and I am scared what my wedding party is going to say, well maybe ill be so drunk i wont know anyhow…
    It’s great to read your positivity first thing in the day, your helping me out here in blogville more than ya know!!!
    take it easy,

  3. John and Juli Begley

    March 26, 2007 at 11:38 am

    “My new cliché is now New S@#t, different day”…(lol) that would make an excellent bumper sticker….
    I’m glad your prospective on people is that they are friendly and helpful. I don’t usually “feel sorry’ for those in a wheel chair but can see the challenges that people face from being in the “shorter” category such as reaching those top shelf products. I’m glad you are there to teach us in internet land what we can do and say to help others.
    Glad to hear you are out and about…hopefully you can get up to Bryan’s and Jessica’s…I’m sure Jamysen needs to see her Uncle Joel. Love your prospective and attitude and thanks so much for sharing with all of us.
    God Bless..

  4. Deb & Larry royds

    March 26, 2007 at 6:11 pm

    Tall man – short man – Joel, you are a big man with soul and sensitivity. That is what really count in the big picture. Glad to hear that you getting out and adjusting. Bet you arel glad to be back in Phoenix. Keep hanging in there – small victories are still victories!


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